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Our Team

Dave McConnell - Co-founder, Editor

Dave is a Butler grad (’05)  and worked four years in the sportwriting business – first in newspapers, then a regional monthly magazine – before the economic destruction in the dreaded summer of 2008 won him a layoff. He now has a day job in medical sales. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and really, really wants to love Jay Cutler… but can’t quite get there. He grew up watching M.J. in his glory days, watching the White Sox and was glad it wasn’t the Cubs, watching Michigan-Ohio State classics sitting at The Big House, and watching the Fab Five dominate college hoops while fleecing pocket books. After all that, pretty much all he cares about now is Butler hoops. Unless Brady Hoke finds a way to turn this thing around and/or Marc Trestman does the unthinkable.

Brad Phillips - Co-Founder, Chief Technology Ninja (CTN)

Brad graduated from Butler with fellow VF founder Dave McConnell in 2005 and has been a part of the Butler basketball journey since the days when making the NCAA tournament called for an all-nighter in Broad Ripple. Brad is the eternal pessimist. An Indianapolis resident his entire life, Brad will never be able to fully grasp the concept that Butler is no longer a lowly MCC mid-major doormat. Even through the hopelessness that overtakes him when the Bulldogs are down 2 points, 30 seconds into the first half, Brad is there every step of the way to violently cheer, silently pray, constantly worry and steadfastly support his Bulldogs every year. Oh yeah, and Brad is the web design ninja behind the Victory Firelight web site.

John Dedman - Contributing Writer

John Dedman is biased. He graduated from Butler (’03) and then worked in the athletic department. Most people don’t like to listen to what he has to say. In fact, the only person who seems to be interested at all is his daughter, which probably will change in the next few months as she becomes old enough to walk away. If you don’t include intramural games in college (and if you do, you need a life), his basketball career ended without incident or fanfare more than a decade ago on a court in Kentucky. He doesn’t profess to knowing basketball, but he knows he likes to profess about basketball. He once had a column titled Dedman Talking. It was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize (by himself). The motion did not carry. While it won’t help our web site hits, if what he writes here has too many words for you, you can follow him in 140 characters or less on Twitter @JohnDedman.



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