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Butler embraces the “One-and-Done” phenomenon with Clarke, A-10

By John Dedman / Contributing Writer (Homepage photo: John Fetcho) Now I know what Big Blue Nation deals with every March and April. The sad, long goodbyes for those they only knew so well for so little time. The John Walls of the World, the Brandon Knights, most likely the Nerlens Noels. The One-And-Dones. (I should throw in a disclaimer that I grew up in central Kentucky so I have long known what Big Blue ...

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VCU postgame: What might have been said in Butler’s locker room

(Editor’s note: No real journalism was performed in this completely false account of Saturday’s postgame locker room activities.) By John Dedman / Contributing Writer Don’t ask us how we got our hands on it, but the following is the transcript from a very grainy audio file of what I imagine to be the postgame comments Brad Stevens (or perhaps his alter-ego on Twitter – Fake Brad Stevens) made to his team in ...

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Butler-tology: A mock bracket of Butler foes

(Homepage photo: John Fetcho) By John Dedman / Contributing Writer Oh, the content ideas that an eight-day stretch between games can make you conjure up. And perhaps this idea isn’t as much original as it subliminally beaten into my brain as the terms “last four in,” “first four out,” “on the bubble,” “must win,” “control their own destiny,” and “résumé-building win” become part of our vernacular. Looking s ...

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Injuries provide glimpse into recruits’ immediate role

By John Dedman / Contributing Writer Seniors Rotnei Clarke and Andrew Smith will be linked by the 30-something games of this one season. They will be linked by how far this Butler team can extend its season into March. They are the Indianapolis version of that famous Utah Jazz duo of the mid-1990s…if that duo was Jeff Hornacek and Mark Eaton. They are the answer to a seldom-asked trivia question: which tand ...

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A week later, Super Bowl brings memories of Butler’s tourney success

By John Dedman / Contributing Writer About a week ago, 108 million Americans tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVII. Some tuned in to watch Jim and John Harbaugh or Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick. Some tuned in to watch the E-trade baby and the GoDaddy commercials. Regardless of what drew you to the television, you ate a pound of Velveeta-laced dip and used the world’s largest sporting event as your excuse for ...

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